Love is Lovefest II

Our second annual Love is Lovefest is coming back to Elastic Arts this February! This year we will have a fantastic post-Valentine’s Day celebration featuring the all-femme marching band Clamor and Lace, the stunning Vera Sporadica as our main burlesque act, the incredible Kamrah performing bellydance, and performances by guitarist Sean Black and dancers Guiding Beacon, Fenix Divine and Vivian Meretrix! With an opening blessing by Michael Herkes, the Glam Witch! We will also have live art by Robyn Seale, a drum jam, and our usual array of vendors and healers! Celebrate love in all its forms with us!

Elastic Arts is located at 3429 W. Diversey Ave in the Logan Square neighborhood. Doors open at 6:30pm.

Tickets are $25 in advanced, $30 at the door.

Supportive tickets to help us raise money for future shows are available for $30-40.


Clamor and Lace Noise Brigade

Clamor & Lace Noise Brigade is Chicago’s first street marching band composed solely of musicians and performers of marginalized genders. In Clamor & Lace, musicians, dancers, and artists of all backgrounds and skill levels collaborate to create joyful, raucous, and high-energy performances. The band’s eclectic repertoire embraces and promotes female and non-binary composers–with cover songs by new wave and riot grrrl goddesses, pop divas, and outsider music legends, as well as an ever-expanding collection of strange and wonderful originals.

Vera Sporadica

Vera Sporadica, “The Ephemeral Fatale,” is a Chicago-based burlesque entertainer, cabaret singer, and pin-up. She was involved in the Chicago theater, music, and improv scenes for several years before venturing into burlesque – and loves the art form for its autonomy, limitlessness, and fearlessness.


Viral TikTok star Kamrah is Chicago’s first trans masculine belly dancer. They have been dancing since 2001, and have traveled all over the country to teach and perform in multiple styles of belly dance. Kamrah is known for their killer isolations, creativity, and theatrical pieces, and for being a soloist in Chicago’s premiere geeky belly dance and fire troupe, Raks Geek. Find them @kamrahdancer on instagram and tiktok.

Guiding Beacon

Beacon is a Chicago & Kalamazoo based multi-disciplinary performer passionate about using empathy as a path to build human connections. They strive to combine their acting background with burlesque and the flow arts to create a vulnerable expression the human experience.

Vivian Meretrix

Vivian Meretrix, The Sorceress of Shimmy, combines sacred dance and rhythmic ritual in her unique performances that take the aesthetics of vintage pinup and add an esoteric twist.

Sean Black

Sean Black is a self taught and self employed singer songwriter and guitarist whose talents have been honed amidst traumatic experiences. He believes music is the bridge between heaven and earth, and is the missing link needed for spiritual enlightenment. His guitars are tuned to meditation frequency, namely: 432hz.

The Glam Witch

Michael Herkes makes magic across the windy city of Chicago as a genderqueer author, astrologer, tarot reader, and glamour witch. Known as The Glam Witch, they have authored numerous books including The GLAM Witch and Glamcraft (forthcoming), written a variety of digital content, and presented workshops across the United States as a speaker on the art of witchcraft and glamour. For more information and bookings visit

Live Artist

Robyn Seale

Robyn Seale is a cartoonist turned street artist/painter. Arguably also three baby goats in a trench coat, they follow the mediums and subject that float their fancy, much to the detriment of their pocket.


Elsewhere Arts

Esoteric Art and Tarot Readings for all ages and paths. Popular topics include: Love, Fate, & Fortune!

The Alchxmist Book Club (AXBC)

AXBC offers divination services that include Tarot readings, dream interpretations, Cartomancy, and numerology reports. We also sell crystal jewelry for one’s healing journey and create personal pieces.

The Ritual Master

Handmade items, soap, candles, jewelry, waistbeads, lip care.

Reciclarte Studio

Leticia Rodarte is a Mexican-born artist who has been living in the United States for the past 30 years. She is a pastry chef graduated from the French Pastry School in Chicago. Her food creations reflect the strong influence of Mother Nature, her cultural upbringing, and social events. She will be offering empanadas, pastries and beverages for sale.

Space Oddities

Books, Tarot and Art

Auburn Moon Creations

I offer handmade crystal and gemstone adornments, healing and protection pieces for the self and home, altar art, and incense.

Xol Crystals

Crystals and Minerals

Know Yourself WELL

Dye free organic bath bombs, crystal/gem bead bracelets, jewelry items.

Creative Hummingbird Art Flow

Drawings, Paintings, Ceramics, & Crystal Hemp Amulets for Sale.

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