For our ticketed events, Ritual Rhythms gathers amazing performing artists to create an unforgettable live experience. Each event has its own particular feel with musicians and dancers who embody the spirit of rhythm. The initial inspiration for our events was to bring together live music and dance, whether that’s belly dance, fusion dance, or traditional cultural styles. We are proud to have had such a diversity of musicians and musical styles on our stages and hope to continue to bring more new talent to our audiences.

Ranging from traditional music from all around the world to contemporary genres with a spiritual theme, from local bands to touring favorites, there is something for everyone. In addition to our headlining dancer who performs along with the featured band, our shows also boast an incredible dance showcase of solo artists.

Love is Lovefest (Winter 2022) – Lyn Rye featuring Frann Fatale
Autumn 2021 – Lorelei Dreaming featuring Lady India
Summer 2021 – Capiveras do Norte and Planet Earth Wind and Drum Ensemble featuring Tatiana Fonseca.
Autumn 2020 – Adam Gottlieb and OneLove
featuring Sirène De Paradis

Winter 2020 – Wendy Rule
featuring the Stygian Sisters
Autumn 2019 – Ginger Doss and Lynda Millard
featuring Gaea Lady

Summer 2019 – Frenchy and the Punk
featuring Eva La Feva

Spring 2019 – The LowEnd Theory Drum Ensemble
featuring She Wolf Sacred Movement

Winter 2019 – Jins and Tonic
featuring Phaedra Darwish

Autumn 2018 – Burning Sage
featuring Sine Metu (Piper and Neta)

Summer 2018 – Ananda Lila and Randy Granger
featuring Audworld and Sirène De Paradis

Spring 2018 – SJ Tucker and Renee Janski
featuring Kamrah

Winter 2018 – Tuatha Dea
featuring Vex

Autumn 2017 – Compass Rose and Ochin Pakhi
featuring Lehvanah Saada and Radia Ali

Summer 2017 – Doum Sound and Randy Granger
featuring Tiffany Renee and Ellen Dancer

Spring 2017 – Swing Brasileiro featuring the Chi-Caribena Dance Troupe

Winter 2017 – Sentinel Grove, African Fusion, and Louise Cloutier
featuring Phaedra Darwish and Dusko

Autumn 2016 – Mayan Ruins
featuring Ellen Dancer and Piper

Summer 2016 – Doum Sound
featuring Tiffany Renee and Mahira

Spring 2016 – Low End Theory, Trancelove Arabic Love Ensemble, African Fusion, and Beehive Tribe
featuring Ellen Dancer, Tatiana Fonseca, and Sirène De Paradis

Winter 2016 – Windstruck, Trancelove Arabic Drum Ensemble, and Beehive Tribe
featuring Ellen Dancer, Lady India, Tatiana Fonseca and Rosemary Limoncello

Autumn 2015 – Mayan Ruins and Low End Theory
featuring Isis Panthea, Bel, African Fusion and Chi-Caribena Dancers
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