Ritual Rhythms Fall Festival 2021

Join us outdoors for our main fall event featuring live music and dance performances by Lorelei Dreaming, Lady India, Grave Love, Parabola Dance Theater and Ife Stormcrow! Including vendors, healers, a bonfire and drum jam! Tickets are $20 in advanced, $25 at the door. Purchase advanced tickets here!

As always, our event is outdoors at the lovely Moonlight Healing Garden in Pilsen. The show is all ages and the venue is alcohol free. We will have shelter in case of rain, so the show will go on no matter the weather!


6pm – gates open
6:30 – drum jam
8:00 – Ritual Rhythms Dance Showcase featuring Parabola Dance Theater, Ife Stormcrow and Lady India
8:45 – Grave Love
9:15 – Lorelei Dreaming featuring Lady India


Lorelei Dreaming

Lorelei Dreaming is the brainchild of Lorelei to bring theatrical electronic music to the stage and digital world. Their live performances are a multi-media experience of expressive lighting effect, atmospheric video manipulation, Lorelei’s engaging stage presence, and of course the music.

Having shared the stage with luminaries like The Birthday Massacre, Stabbing Westward, Velvet Acid Christ, and Covenant, and having collaborated with St. Griselda and Angelspit, Lorelei Dreaming has really made a name for themselves in the goth industrial / dark dance scene.

Pre-orders are now up for their new album Future Fables released through Distortion Productions. It is a dark electronic opus that will appeal to the dancefloor of the goth clubs that the band frequently plays. As an added bonus, several remixes were contributed to Future Fables by all women-led dark electronic acts from across the USA and Canada including Kanga, Eva X, Fires and more.

Lady India

Lady India’s hydra headed performance art is rooted strongly in the foundation of traditional middle eastern belly dance of which she’s been a disciple of for the past 20 years.

Charmingly dark and modern with respect to ancient roots of Raks Sharqi, Lady India has brought her inferno fusion of fire art, side show, burlesque, and bellydance to stages nation wide, off-Broadway, several independent films, and WGN. Breaking all the rules of traditional bellydance, she’s been coined “the most misbehaved bellydancer” in Chicago which she has fully embraced.
Lady India is also the co founder of Antibiotix Productions LLC which has produced such popular sold out favorite annual shows in Chicago such as Not Another Nightmare Before Christmas.

Grave Love

Grave Love is a Chicago based band consisting of Alejandro Salinas and Hector Perez. Prying open the paradoxically riotous and tamed tongues of religion, Salinas’ songwriting lifts up lyrics that electrify sacred spoken words. On the strings, Hector’s guitar paints larger than life play located across the everyday. Together, they orchestrate an enduring tune akin to the essence of a graveyard yet lean pointedly into the passion of life before, within, and past death.

Grave Love unleashes absorbing synth serenades that mirror myths of grief. Interlocked with tastes of rock en espanol of the past and sonic hues of post-punk, new wave, grunge, and industrial predecessors, Grave Love taps into enamored vampiric journeys of lust. Drums, synth, and guitar collide for a tenacious trip for the senses. Bellowing with breath and the atmospheres in between life and death, its own chant to Kali, eternity grapples with its own sound.

Parabola Dance Theater

Parabola Dance Theater is a project-based group of dancers who come together to share dark, mythic fiction with audiences. In this iteration, the troupe consists of Moxie, who also choreographs and directs, Piper and Neta. They will present a tale about valkyries, in addition to several solo pieces.

Neta has been doing something that has resembled bellydance for almost 20 years. Over those years, her style has evolved. Rooted in the stylizations of improvisational group dance, her personal style has morphed into a fusion of influences that blend somewhat traditional bellydance with her exploration of movement, fascination with human anatomy, and desire to entertain the audience.

Piper originally studied modern dance many decades ago but discovered improvisational style belly dance along the way. This new love led Piper to study classical belly dance, along with the various forms of fusion. During her many years of studies, she began blending her modern dance background with belly dance, where she continues to evolve her style.

Moxie started studying bellydance in 1998. Middle age forcibly shifted her focus from creepy narratives to injury rehab and prevention, and she is now surfacing from a 3-year performing hiatus. She is a lapsed goth who has five cats, eighteen tattoos, and more costumes than she can store responsibly.

Ife Stormcrow

Ife StormCrow is an experienced designer, play maker, storyteller, artist, author, and performer who has been involved in storytelling, movement, and education most of his adult life. He believes in the power of play and story as fundamental, powerful medicines which shape our sense of self, relationships, and our connection to the cosmos.

As a performer he enjoys exploring the narrative power of dance as a space of personal ritual and transformation via various forms of folkloric dance. His motions celebrate all of his heritages and experiences with various teaches becoming a fluid blend of Raqs Sharqi, Butoh, West African dance, and North American Men’s Traditional and Omaha (Grass) dances.

Vendors and Healers

Elsewhere Arts

Tarot readings, illustrations and zines.

@ElsewhereArts on FB and IG

The Moon Gawdess

An intuitive empath offering tarot/oracle readings, pendulum readings. I am a certified Usui Ryoho Reiki Master and specialize in Crystal Reiki. I perform chakra readings/healing. I also make intention candles for your spiritual needs and offer cleansing services and much more!

Sunshine Wellness Services LLC

Emily Beaupre is a certified massage therapist who specializes in deep tissue massage and energy work. She has a knack for seeking out pain in the body and gently releasing it. Owner of Zen Loft Wellness Center in downtown Aurora, IL since April of 2016, Emily’s mission is to create a space of peace and healing for every body. Emily believes that world peace starts with inner peace, which begins with a relaxed body and a calm mind. Emily incorporates many modalities into her sessions as well as her background in yoga. She will be offering chair massages at the Ritual Rhythms Fall Festival.



Handmade stone jewelry set in wire and/or leather.

Instagram: @chicoatli

Auburn Moon Creations

I will be bringing healing crystals, tarot/oracle decks, handmade intention candles, incense, smudging fans, crystal jewelry, crystal infused art pieces. I’ve practiced candle magic, tarot, astrology, palmistry, meditation, intention setting, ritual practice since a teen. I do not think if myself as a reader, but more of an advisor.

Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AuburnMoonCreations

Miss Dough

We bake Turkish savory and sweet pastries with a variety of organic ingredients. Our goal is to spread Turkish authenticity to Chicago and beyond. Menu will be announced soon.

Oddities of Nature

Oddities of Nature creates jewelry and home decorations crafted with ethically found animal remains exclusively from the US. We believe that embracing death as a part of life on Earth gives you more freedom to live more fully in the moment. We aim to craft mementos that bring joy, spark conversations, and inspire contemplation of our own collective mortality.




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