Summer Festival 2021

Join us for our first major show of the year! The newly branded Ritual Rhythms (formerly Tribal Stomp) presents an incredible showcase of musicians and dancers, along with a facilitated community drum jam around a bonfire, vendors, healers, and more.

Our event is outdoors at the lovely Moonlight Healing Garden in Pilsen. The show is all ages and the venue is alcohol free. We will have shelter in case of rain, so the show will go on no matter the weather!

We will feature two fantastic musical acts! Capivaras do Norte and Planet Earth Drum and Wind Trio. Our main dancer is the incredible Tatiana Fonseca, who will dance with both groups and perform a solo piece. We will also have a showcase of stunning dancers, including Natalia, Dimitra, Azeema, and Gaea Lady, performing with fire and with Mason Jiller on guitar!

TICKETS available here. $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Space is limited and only 50 tickets are available!


6:00pm doors open.
6:30 – Opening Invocation from Starlight Nectar D’Amour, followed by open drum jam facilitated by Jen Halman.

8:00 Dance showcase featuring Gaea Lady and Mason Jiller, Natalia, Azeema, Dimitra and Tatiana Fonseca.
8:30 Planet Earth Drum and Wind Trio
9:30 Capivaras Do Norte



Multi-instrumentalists Tomita, Sam Hyson and Nathan Torrence together are Capivaras do Norte, a group dedicated to the music of Forró. The term Forró refers to a musical genre, a rhythm, a dance and the event itself where Forró music is played and danced. Forró is an important part of the Northeastern Region of Brazil.

Planet Earth Drum and Wind Trio

Surinder Singh, Daniel Dolmezncy and Nathan Torrence combine forces in this pulsating, rhythmic trio. Deep drums provide an earthy foundation for the inspirational and wild sounds of ancient flutes and reed instruments. We improvise and seek to enrich all our lives. Dance with us, trance with us, heal with us!

Tatiana Fonseca

Tatiana has been belly dancing since the age of 12. She has been belly dancing in Chicago and various venues throughout the United States—cultural events, corporate, bachelorette parties, weddings, fundraisers, stage shows, nightclubs, and more! Fully disciplined in dance since the age of 5, she is a hard working dancer who takes the art very seriously. She is well known for her professionalism, high energy, creative, fun, and classy performances. Tatiana has been featured in music videos with singers Aboud Diab and Jasem Hanon. She is a regular performer at venues such as Dandana, Prince Hookah, and Arabesk Palace.

Gaea Lady

Gaea Lady is an enchantress by nature, and is a force that will make you feel the very earth move. Fusing her 25 years of dance training in forms from classical to modern – neovintage to the ethereal, she cultures an intentional style that is all her own. Integrating dance, art, visuals, costuming, concept, fire, silk fabrics, temple dance, hoops, and deep seated intention, her inspiring performances mesmerize and deeply touch. She seeks to share knowledge and empower others through her performances and teaching, forging connections and community.

Mason Jiller

Gaea Lady & Mason Jiller collaborate to beam their divine humanity out through the dance and music. They seek to dissolve boundaries between artists, creators, and audiences. Embrace life as art and art as life. All is Love.


Natalia is a lover of movement and expression. She has been belly dancing since 2005 and took over the belly dance scene when she moved to Chicago in 2007. Performing weekly in different clubs, Natalia has finally settled down to only perform for special occasions like this one.

Dimitra the Greek Bellydancer

Dimitra is a professional belly dancer of over 10 years, a singer and songwriter, has been living with Fibromyalgia for 8 years, and a survivor of metastatic thyroid cancer. She is focusing on her music career as well as promoting awareness of chronic pain illnesses and body positivity.

Azeema the Bollywood Bellydancer

Azeema is Chicago’s Bollywood Bellydancer! She performs a variety of modern, folkloric, and classical dance styles from the Middle East and South Asia. Azeema loves connecting with people from all walks of life by sharing culture through dance.

Starlight Nectar D’Amour

Starlight Nectar D’Amour has been a practicing healing artist with a focus on developing transcendent transformation skills for the better part of 20 yrs. Her former career of 30 plus years as dancer, choreographer, and improvising performing artist, bridged into metaphysical awareness when Starlight realized she was incorporating her skills in Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience into her dance and entertainment career.

With deep reverence for the human spirit, Starlight is now appearing as a Transcendence Invocationist bridging her love of transformative self realization through present sacred service with the stage and her audiences. Her drum and voice carry healing encoded transmissions. From the stars through her heart she invites you to bask in the healing vibration of love songs in appreciation of your receptive, courageous and tender presence as we join in divine embodiment.

Live Artist

Genevieve Nutley

Genevieve Nutley is inspired by the beauty of the world, including the positivity and love around her which she holds dear in her heart. Her art incorporates Genevieve’s attraction to bright colors and nature along with themes of femininity. She paints many self-portraits with surreal and abstract themes. Every new self-portrait is a chance to recreate herself from the lessons she learns from life. Genevieve feels it is her job in the world to share the beauty that she sees in others and the world through her art. She hopes to evoke beauty and emotion, where viewers can feel and appreciate her voice through her visual works.

Genevieve was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. At age 20, she survived a car accident with many injuries. During her rehabilitation she discovered her gift as a painter through art therapy. Genevieve recalls the profound emotion of painting a night sky the first time she was given a paint brush. She painted the night sky to counter her isolation from the outside world due to being hospitalized for months. Genevieve has been self-taught since then and has participated in various shows and galleries. Every year she is a participating artist in Shirley Ryan’s Ability Lab’s Art in Motion, a showcasing that fundraises for art therapy. This show is very close to her heart. She has earned her Associate’s Degree in Arts and is currently attending Northeastern Illinois University to finish her Bachelors degree.

Healers and Readers

Healing Hands of Yana

Massage therapy, reiki and tonal healing. Yana is a licensed massage therapist. They received their certification in clinical massage therapy from The Soma Institute in 2020. They have also received their certificate for Reiki Healing 1 &2. Yana cares for their clients well being and truly want all to leave with no worry nor negative energy left after a session.

Healing Hands of Reiki

Secquoyah Lacy will provide reiki infused tarot readings and creative writing therapy sessions. He is a healer certified in Equilibrium, Energy and Education in Chicago. He combines the knowledge from his trauma awareness training & incorporates different writing tools & coping skills.

In his sessions, Secquoyah channels your creative energy into a therapeutic encounter, using mindfulness, attention, & emotional space to help you have a peaceful, reflective writing experience. Combining Reiki, Tarot , & Trauma Awareness, Secquoyah is a mental & emotional guide for you to feel safe, heard, & understood in your process.


Scarab Sanctuary

Welcome to a whimsical world of ancient magic, where the mundane and broken-down discover new life. When sacred scarabs whisper secret answers to riddles, humanity’s capacity for creation transforms. A new realm is reflected in each unique, handcrafted piece of jewelry.

Dazzling pendants, brooches and rings, fashioned from upcycled jewelry, champagne wire cages, beads, gears and polymer clay.

Phaedra’s Philtres

Gluten free and vegan aromatherapy. Hand crafted skincare, body care and soy candles.

Back Door Booch Kombucha

Chicago small batch brewed Booch. I’ve been brewing for 7 years, finding new flavor combos that stimulate the tastebuds, while keeping the gut healthy!

backdoorboochkombucha on FB and IG

Don Pablo’s Kitchen and Bake Shop

Baked goods, empanadas, alfajores.

Facebook and Instagram: @don_pablosbakeshop

Frederick of Hippywoods

Original design t-shirts and festival clothing.

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